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United Nations Correspondents Association - Photography

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Vrinda Vij

Head of Photography

Committee Name: United Nations Correspondents Association (Photography)

Committee Director: Vrinda Vij

Committee Email:



Capturing SMUN through the lens of a camera. Brilliance of committee proceedings of the dramatics of a crisis, the. UNCA photographers aim to bring these moments to the masses. To be a successful delegate of the UNCA Photographers, one must capture the essence of MUNs.


Committee Plan

The committee sessions of the UNCA Photographers will be segregated into photography sessions, and crisis sessions. During photography sessions, photographers will be required to work on their assigned submissions of photographs, whereas during crisis sessions photographers will be required to commit themselves to a different type of photography and capture moments from the angle of crisis.

  1.  Freedom:
    The media gives you wings- in specific, photographers are allowed to enter any committee they desire. However, in accordance with tasks, they are often assigned one or two committees per session.

  2. Restrictions:
    To partake in the committee, the photographer must be in possession of a DSLR camera.

  3. Agencies & Bias: 
    Every photographer is allotted a news agency which becomes their portfolio for the rest of the conference. Photographers must angle their lenses and caption their pieces in accordance to the biases of the agency. One must capture moments in a way that satisfies both the task and the allotted news agency.

  4. Research:​
    A photographer needs to perform research for their captions, which must accompany each photograph.

  5. Collaborative Pieces:
    Photographers of the UNCA will have a chance to create collaborative article pieces with the aid of journalists and cartoonists. Hypothetically, cartoonists could illustrate a moment from committee, one that a photographer has captured. Photographers will incorporate the photos they have captured of committee proceedings in the piece in the case of journalists.

  6. Newsletter and Blog:
    The UNCA publishes three editions of the newsletter during each SMUN. Photographs are included in the newsletter, and published alongside articles and artwork. In addition, every submission received by the Executive Board is posted on the UNCA blog in order to ensure that all delegates can review one another's work, and no voice goes unheard- or a view unseen.

  7. Crisis:
    UNCA Photographers partake in the committee’s own crises. These invigorating crisis sessions revolve around capturing the different aspects of the committee via photography . Each portfolio has the power to decide how to shape the opinions of the public through publishing brilliant photographs. The crisis will test delegate’s photography skills- as well as provoke on the spot thinking.

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