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Greetings delegates! I’m Idhant Harikrishnan and I am pleased to be serving as your Director of Outreach for this year's Sanskriti Model United Nations. As as delegate, you are encouraged to branch out into unfamiliar territory and consequently develop a multifaceted personality


 Whether it is lobbying or paperwork, we all can learn something from our experiences. Since the beginning of my MUN journey, MUNs have been a platform through which I have interacted with delegates from all over the country and have had the opportunity to understand their perspectives and views- I have learnt more from these interactions than I have from books.


 This year, as the Director of Outreach for a conference as prestigious as Sanskriti Model United Nations , I hope that we, as  members of the Upper Secretariat, are able to provide you with the enriching experience that Sanskriti Model United Nations has been known for, for over five years. 


As I conclude this, I must remind you of your responsibility as a delegate, to make yourself, your ideologies and your methodologies count. What draws me the most to MUNs is how we all start the same. The same podium, the same 90 seconds, the same excruciatingly lengthy background guide, and yet somehow we all reach different conclusions and within this peculiar happenstance, that is exactly what is needed of us as delegates, to be there as ‘us’ with all honesty and hard work. 


Best of luck delegates! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Warm Regards,

Idhant Harikrishnan

Director Outreach

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