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“It’s not a matter of what is true that counts, but what is perceived to be true.” - Henry Kissinger


It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to the 12th Edition of Sanskriti Model United Nations. My name is Aadit Vir Singh and I enjoy the privilege of serving as your Deputy Secretary General. SMUN is not just any conference, but rather an ever evolving forum of debate, discussion and most importantly, diplomacy, proudly espousing our school’s motto, “Knowledge is Liberation”. 


Those individuals who are students today will be tomorrow’s leaders and young changemakers and in a global order as dynamic and unpredictable as ours, they must rise to the challenge to ensure that we progress beyond conflict and violence, towards equitable and sustainable growth and development. SMUN offers them a platform to engage in debate, discussion and most importantly diplomacy and hopes to imbibe in them the necessary skills and experience to ensure that they rise to these challenges. 


Guided by this philosophy, SMUN provides delegates the chance to explore conflicts and issues in different parts of the world, through a variety of committees simulating a dynamic world constantly changing in the face of wars, economic and humanitarian crises and climate change. 


To conclude, I believe that SMUN has been, is and will continue to always be more than just a hobby, offering budding changemakers the perfect opportunity to develop and hone their skills to fill in the shoes of the next generation of leaders. We want to create responsible, conscious global citizens who recognise and respect other’s differences and value innovation. I hope you will join us on this path to reform the world and make it a better place for all. 



Aadit Vir Singh 

Deputy Secretary General

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