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It is not over until you win. 


Banners all around, marks on thumbs and ballots in the box, as 60 countries and 40 million people move to the polls in 2024, the biggest election year in history. But with mirages being painted in the sky by politicians and diplomats, the era of dependence and blind trust has come to an end, as we, the pioneers of change, strive for melioration until we win. 


Respected Delegates and Faculty Advisors, 


A journey rounded off to 6 years makes me honored to be serving as your Director-General Committees for the annual Sanskriti Model United Nations, a colloquium like no other, proudly hosting a haven for students from around the world to deliberate, discuss and decide. 


From the mastering 13th Century Reign of the Mongol Empire and the Song Dynasty and the 21st Century Israel Hamas grenade attacks, a flame emerges. From the discussion on Artificial Intelligence and a peek into the lethal Punic Wars, a spark ignites. From the gunshots on the bay of the 26th of November and the assassination of Qasem Solemani, a beam burns. From questioning the Kafala System and the press unraveling it all, a fire is set. Sanskriti Model United Nations, uncovering agendas across aeons, supported by its tireless directors, exemplary research and zealous delegates, lights the lamp of revision, reconstruction, reformation once again, for the 12th time. 


The essence of the Sanskriti Model United Nations lies not only in the pages of resolutions and diplomatic finesse but in the profound transformations that occur within each delegate. The set of three tireless days when time seems to have boarded the Shinkansen, a time when your room is a conglomerate of research papers, folders, novels, a red pen and a stapler, a moment which makes one fall in love with blazers, a period when Netflix only plays documentaries, an event which can relate you to a warrior in the year 1563, and finally, the only affair which can make one cry over unformatted bullet points and cheer over crisis updates. MUNs change you as a person. 


This is Sanskriti MUN for you, for me, for us. A conference which builds the construction for happy, thinking, feeling individuals, ones which scramble for evolution, sweat for debate and struggle for dialogue, those which will be the change makers. 


Until May, 

Yours truly, 

Nandini Tewari 

Director-General Committees

























Carpe Diem – seize the day! 


We are more than just witnesses to history; we are the architects of the narratives that will be etched in the pages of future books. As the hands of time turn, we find ourselves at the intersection of responsibility and urgency. 


Greetings Delegates and Faculty Advisors. 


From the moment I stepped into this realm, the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, and it is my honour to conclude it by serving as your Director-General Committees for the 12th edition of Inter Sanskriti Model United Nations. 


When we gather in those rooms, travelling through history, delving into discussions on the rise and fall of empires, ongoing conflicts, or horrifying terror attacks, we recognize that our deliberations extend far beyond the walls that enclose us. When the spotlight shines upon us, we don't just think; we act, analyse, debate, lobby, and strive to bring about change. 


Sanskriti Model United Nations is more than a mere simulation of the United Nations; it encompasses every second of meticulous work that occurs behind the scenes. It's about the directors crafting committees, the teachers providing guidance, and, most importantly, it's about you, the delegates. Every edition builds upon benchmarks set by the previous members of the secretariat, and you, delegates, year after year, contribute not only to the agendas but also to our shared vision. 


As delegates, your every action is a beacon, never overlooked. Your contributions propel us to the culmination of these three intense days. Beyond this, you carry with you the lingering rush, the knowledge gained through those countless interactions and bonding evolving into friendships that define the essence of SMUN. This year's SMUN promises an experience that transcends the ordinary, a journey that goes beyond the expected. 


So, in our pursuit of enlightenment, let us not fear the darkness outside, but rather, let us confront the darkness of ignorance within. Remember, what good are wings without the courage to fly? 


Seize the three days of the conference! 


All the very best, delegates. 


Warm Regards 

Aanya Bhardwaj 

Director-General Committees

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