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United Nations Correspondents Association - Cartooning


Chirosree Mitra

Head of Cartoonists

Committee Name: United Nations Correspondents Association (Cartoonists)

Additional Directors: John Guite, Sanskriti Jain

Committee Email:



Capturing the unfiltered unfolding of events with a tinge of humour and exaggeration. 

At SMUN, cartoonists play an extremely important role in covering the grave committee proceedings in a lighthearted manner. They do so through the medium known cartoons.


Committee Plan


  1. Tasks
    Cartoonists are assigned tasks over the course of the conference, where they have to cover the committee assigned to them, while adhering to the cartoon type given, as well as their allotted news agency. Cartoon types will range from comic strips, object-based, illustratives, collaboratives, and caricatures to meme-it-up, and seditious cartoons. They will also be assigned a pre-conference cartoon which is to be submitted, as the name suggests, before the conference

  2. Press Conference
    They will also be conducting a Press Conference alongside the journalists, where they get the opportunity to question and confront delegates with their hard-hitting questions. They will be required to utilise the answers received in the form of a press conference cartoon.

  3. News Agencies
    For the duration of the conference, cartoonists will be assigned a news agency, for eg. The Times of India, Xinhua News Agency, Fox News, etc. Similar to portfolios, cartoonists will be representing this particular news agency, and while drawing a cartoon they must be extremely careful and take into account the ownership, the political leanings, etc of their news agency.

  4. Crisis
    This year, verbal crises will have extreme importance, and members of UNCA are required to be abreast with current trends in politics, economics as well as pressing issues faced in free and fair reporting. Crisis will also consist of a crisis cartoon. Crisis aims to test the cartoonist’s creativity, ingenuity and on-the-spot thinking skills.
    Newsletter and Blog


The UNCA publishes three editions of the newsletter during each SMUN, each of which includes cartoons chosen on the basis of their proficiency. Furthermore, every submission received by the Executive Board is posted on the UNCA blog in order to ensure that all delegates can review one another's cartoons.

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