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Phoenician Sentinel Council

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Anoushka Akella

Director of Semi-Crisis

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Nayantara Jain

Director of Semi-Crisis

Agenda: The Second Punic War
Committee Type: Semi Crisis Unconventional
Additional Directors: Adit Yadav, Amairah Anand, Shriya Shravan Sareen
Freeze Date: 218 BCE

Committee email: 

Delegates, welcome to the hallowed halls of the Phoenician Sentinel Council,As the sun sets over the eternal city and casts its shadows on the marble pillars, we gather to deliberate upon the unfolding saga of the Second Punic War, a chapter that will either solidify Carthage’s supremacy or plunge it into the abyss of uncertainty.

The Council stands as the bastion of Carthiginian strength and resolve. Under the watchful gaze of the gods, we confront the looming specter of conflict with Rome… Once again. The Mediterranean, witness to our past triumphs and sacrifices, now reflects the gravity of our decisions and the imminent struggles that lie ahead.

As guardians of Carthage’s destiny, our motherland summons each of you to this sacred chamber to navigate the intricate webs of war, diplomacy, and unforeseen challenges. This day plunges us into the very heart of the conflict, capturing the dawn of hostilities between Carthage and Rome. The Second Punic War emerges as a crucible of power, territorial ambitions, and economic interests, and it is upon this stage that your mettle shall be tested, challenges lie ahead of you to chart a course that not only
secures Carthaginian victory but also shapes the destiny of both empires. This committee, blending traditional Model United Nations procedures with the unpredictability of crisis elements, invites you to navigate the complexities of diplomacy, war, and unforeseen events.

The might of the Carthaginian Empire squares off against the power of Rome. We are vying for control over the coveted territories of Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia that we lost in the first crusade, and now, we are back, stronger than ever, hoping to regain the respect, admiration and dignity that we lost. The time has come for retribution of ALL that Rome has stolen from us. As the guardians of Carthaginian interests, the Council challenges you to respond to changing circumstances with
astuteness and fortitude. Delegates, it’s on us to avenge the befallen. It’s on us to take back what is rightfully ours. Let the war
begin. The question that echoes across the seas and lands, urging each delegate to chart their course through
the tumultuous waters of history is

Quo Vadimus?

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