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Namaskar, delegates and faculty advisors!


Welcome to Inter SMUN 2024! It is a pleasure to have you here. As the Director General of Conference, I, Aryan Puri, am privileged to serve in this capacity. Since the founding of Model United Nations in Sanskriti fifteen years ago, Sanskriti Model United Nations has virtuously and unwaveringly upheld the school's motto, "Knowledge is Liberation." ​


I have been involved in MUNs for almost five years. I first learned about MUNs in middle school, shortly after I was introduced to the Indian Committee. I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my experience since then. Each year, I have experienced a thrill being a part of this glorious activity of Model United Nations and I sincerely hope that just as it did for me, these three days of Conference have a greater impact on you and give you a learning experience that lasts an entire lifetime.


I am fully committed to ensuring that this year's edition of Inter SMUN is an unforgettable experience for all delegates. I firmly believe that each and every participant has the potential to become a true leader, driven by the passion and determination to bring about positive change, and guided by the principles of ethos, pathos, and logos.


Looking forward to seeing you soon. 


​With warmest regards,

Aryan Puri

Director-General Conference







“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious”- Albert Einstein


Curiosity is the ethos of Sanskriti Model United Nations-, the curiosity to dive deep into the agenda at hand and explore all the layers of it. It is this curiosity that drives the delegates to explore unexpected paths and to step out of their comfort zones.

Greetings delegates and faculty advisors!


It is an honour to welcome you to the 12th edition of Sanskriti Model United Nations.

This conference builds upon a legacy of 11 years, having hosted some of the brightest and creative minds of our country and from other nations. We are excited to see how the delegates debate, negotiate, and resolve crises  doing justice to the portfolios that they will be representing in the process- as well as providing solutions to the multifaceted agendas.


Compared to other co-curricular activities, the knowledge that each student goes back with from an MUN is what makes Model United Nations stand out. In the volatile state that the world is in today with wars being waged in Russia -Ukraine, the Gaza Strip, Afghanistan, Syria etc, the first step that we as students can do is to understand the geo-politics of these wars and their impact on the global forum.


My engagement with MUN started five years ago, it has been a process of constant learning and evolution for me. I have learnt not just about the plethora of crises occurring in the world but have grown as a team member, debater and negotiator. I hope that the experience is as enriching and impactful for you as it has been for me.

I sincerely hope that students and schools from all around the globe participate in this edition of Sanskriti Model United Nations. We as the Secretariat are working relentlessly to ensure that your experience and learning at SMUN this year will be bigger and better than ever before.


Looking forward to seeing you in May!


Yours sincerely

Kabir Verdi Jain

Director General of Conference

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