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Safety in Peril: Parliament’s Shortcomings

Kalyani Gupta of The Hindu commits to paper a conversation on the failures of the government closely following the 26/11 attacks.


[scene: two men watching the news in front of a Vada pav stall. Sachin is a supporter of the present government, while Pawan supports the opposition.]


News channel: We will be back shortly with more updates, live from the Taj Hotel.


Sachin: [angrily] Surely, they are Kashmiris! Pakistanis! Goddamn separatists! How can they ever just let us live? All they wish for is our deaths.


Pawan: [in a mocking tone] Indeed! And did you know? There are rumours that your darling government already had information about the attacks. INTERPOL had supposedly given warnings, and the USA  disclosed the coordinates of a ship too, but Congress took no legal action. National Security Adviser MK Narayan even provided Suresh Mehta with intel, but again, no exertion was undergone. On the contrary, I would even hold your favourite leadership responsible for this attack. They are the ones who were so keen on removing POTA after all!


Sachin: Oh please! You and your kind will find any and every opportunity to criticise the administration. As though this hasn’t happened on multiple occasions when others were in power! It’s just the Pakistanis! They are even more evil and deceptive than we anticipated!


Pawan: [scoffs] So you think they’re better than us? Is that what you really think? You know what? You are right. The Indian military may say it’s great, but it really isn’t. It takes civilians 4 hours to come from Delhi to Mumbai. But these NSG Commandos and their jets are taking forever! How will anyone ever control this situation? And why aren’t there any coast guards? Did the government think that all of them should collectively get a break? Is there no organisation? Is this government even ours anymore, or have they become Pakistan’s government? You’re right, Pakistan is better than us at this rate!


Sachin: Okay, I did not mean that Pakistan is better than us-


Pawan: [now screaming] And this hasn’t happened on multiple occasions before? Look at their scales, and then at this one! We don’t even know how many hundreds of people have already lost their lives. And even worse, if previous administrations did not manage to fix this problem, we elected the current government to do better than the ones before! Do they not owe us even that much? Do they not? What do they think of themselves, those f-


News channel: And we are back from the break with more piping-hot news from the Taj hotel!


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