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Montsame’s Memoir

Jayanti Yadav the representative of Montsame News Agency elucidates upon the background of the agency.

“Зугтсан морио барих нь оргосон үгийг эргүүлж авахаас амархан. (It is easier to catch an escaped horse than to take back an escaped word.)”

-Famous Mongolian Proverb

Journalism holds the innate ability to accelerate transformation, engender opinions, and reflect the truth in a cohesive and pervasive manner. It communicates the intentions of revolutions and pens down the brutal reality, for some in the gilded ink of survival, and for others in the scarlet red of bloodshed.  It possesses the most divine power of all. The power to make an impact; and Montsame News Agency has consistently made an impact. It has not been a passive witness of history but rather an active participant. The Mongolyn Tsakhilgaan Medee (Montsame) has evolved alongside the times, as it has witnessed and reported on them. From its humble beginnings on Ulaanbaatar’s streets to its current position in the media world, the newspaper is proud to have always reported sincerely, despite the echoes of satisfaction or the shadows of terror that continue to lurk in the air.

Shortly after Mongolia declared independence from China, in 1921, the story of Montsame began writing itself in the golden bask of the victories of the Mongolian government. The country’s past turmoil galvanized this glorious newspaper. It is proud to be owned by an administration and nurtured by a nation that promotes the mahogany shades of socialism and endorses the ivory pigments of peace.  The Mongolian Revolution of 1921 culminated in the abdication of the Qing Dynasty’s regime, establishing a liberating government led by the Mongolian People’s Party. The country perched on the firm palms of progress and soared skies of development. During these dynamic times, Montsame played a pivotal role in sculpting public perception. It righteously glorified the revolutionary work of leaders like Khorloogiin Choibalsan and Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal. It diligently reported upon pioneering strategies like the collectivization of agriculture, nationalization of industry, and the establishment of a planned economy. It lucidly transmitted information and propagated the government’s reformist ideology and innovative policies to the Mongolian population.

Formerly known as “Unen” (Truth), with its first editor-in-chief being Damdinsüren Tsevegmid, it performs as the voice of each freshly created government, eternally providing the audience with credible information. Maintaining cooperation agreements with agencies like TASS, Montsame endured the adaptation to changing political landscapes with Mongolia’s ascent to democracy in 1990. Pursuing objective and balanced reporting, it covers a wide spectrum of topics like politics, the economy, and culture, and illustrates the newfound freedoms and pluralism in Mongolian society.

The news agency has relentlessly climbed the ladder of success with dedication and sheer hard work. With honesty as an ally, it has garnered international recognition and solidarity for Mongolia.   It promulgates ideas in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The news agency continues to be an indispensable component in moulding perspectives about Mongolia across the globe.

A century later, it persists as a news agency chronicling the truth. It has not only preserved Mongolian culture but also given it a global identity. The publication is a constant supply of knowledge that bridges the gap between the public and their leaders. The newspaper works energetically to carry forward this inheritance of honest reporting when it takes its heritage into the future, and so does the representative of the Montsame News Agency when they take the task into their committee. 


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