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For the Great Khan!

Shadma Akhtar of Islamic Republic News Agency pens the state of a Mongol soldier after winning a war against the Song dynasty

22 August, 1226


10 p.m.

Dear Diary

Today was another victorious day as we continued our invasion of the Chinese Song Dynasty. The Great Khan, also known as Genghis Khan, has led us to countless conquests and I am extremely proud to be a part of his great army. Our horses thundered across the area and the soldiers started launching arrow after arrow and soon chaos spread in the Song army.

Having a strong army cannot make one resistant to adversities and we have had our fair share of challenges too; from fierce enemy armies to treacherous terrains but we have managed to overcome them all through our iron will and battle skills. The Song dynasty put up a strong and violent resistance, but the skills and capabilities of us Mongols remain unmatched.

We are given everything that we could ever dream of, from a handsome salary to rewards for our bravery and submission to the Great Khan. We are bound to achieve anything that we set our eyes on. The people of the Song dynasty shiver at the sight of us.

But between all this chaos and bloodshed, I don't really feel content with myself. There is a certain sense of guilt and unease that follows me around all the time. The deafening cries of the innocent people who lost their lives haunt me and I wonder if this will ever be fair in the eyes of the almighty.

Despite these fears, I must continue to fight for the Great Khan and the Mongol empire. This is my reason to live and I shall fight till my very last breath. We are destined to conquer the world for the better. This might cause destruction but it will ultimately bring peace and harmony.

May the almighty guide us in our journey through the battle so that we may come out victorious and accomplish our purpose to bring world peace and harmony!

Yours sincerely

A Mongol soldier


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