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A Letter to My Father

Geet Kapoor the delegate of Xinhua news agency portrays a letter from Genghis Khan to his deceased father

To my deceased father, Yesugei,

To the world I am known as Genghis Khan but to you, I will forever remain Temujin. I wish you were here so you could witness what has become of our family and people. How we overcame all our struggles and even though you left us so soon, it would not have been possible without you. 

I am writing this letter to express the immense gratitude I have for you. Even after you left us, I carried your spirit within me and will continue doing so until my last breath. 

When you passed away, our family was thrown out of our tribe like peasants and we were struck with poverty. The hardest part was watching Mother try to be strong for us despite grieving her own loss. We faced attacks at every turn but it was what you taught me that helped us get through this hard time. Even after you left us, it was because of you we flourished.

Ever since rival tartars poisoned you, it became my life’s purpose to avenge your death and make our family name be feared and respected. 

During this tough time, I learned the true value of loyalty and power.

You would be so proud of me if you could see what I have accomplished since you passed. Believe it or not, uniting thousands of Mongol tribes, plaguing our people, and ending centuries of fighting is not even half of what I have achieved. I made the world understand what it truly means to be a Mongol, now there is not one person in this entire world who would dare mess with us.

Even though we are forever separated, I have ensured that your legacy lives on forever. You did not die in vain. 

With utmost respect and gratitude,

Your son, Temujin



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