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In its most clinical sense, the goal of Model UN is to provide an accurate simulation of the real United Nations. It is this task of realistically simulating the workings of an organization composed of almost every sovereign nation in the world that forces delegates to learn the intricacies of state policies and principles, teaches them to unite in the face of chaos and deal with the problems the leaders of our world have been unable to by using instruments of dialogue and cooperation. The goal of Model UN is not to dominate; it is to lead. To combine different ideas, backgrounds, and approaches; to reason, collaborate, negotiate and draw on personal experience to create something that matters. To find real solutions to real problems. The goal of Model UN is to face conflict through collaboration, not confrontation.

From its modest beginnings in 1998, Sanskriti has grown to become one of the most reputed institutions in the country owing to its investment in fostering social consciousness and compassion. Model United Nations at Sanskriti began 14 years ago as a student initiative to develop commanding leaders; since our inaugural conference in 2012, Sanskriti Model United Nations has grown to become a close knit, passionate community involved in Model UN conferences across Asia. Sanskriti has hosted almost 500 delegates from across the country in its annual conference; SMUN is also proud to host a diverse group of delegates from our international partners in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia.

In all these years, SMUN has tried to promote the idea of Model UN with which we began this tradition. One that is linked to the Sanskriti philosophy itself- that critical thinking and negotiation creates powerful leaders. We remain committed to our conference philosophy- that Model UN is more than just argumentation and analysis, rather it is an exercise ultimately rooted in leadership and collaboration. We train our students in the skills of research, diplomacy, debate, and negotiation, and encourage them to take initiatives and responsibilities, thus empowering them with the ability to host, time and again, one successful conference after another.

SMUN is unique in that our secretariat invests deeply in creating committees that try to inspire a genuine understanding of global politics and international relations.


This year, as every year, we hope to leave you with not only a heightened awareness of our incredibly troubled world but an understanding of the diversity of opinion and perspective that form the foundation of the United Nations itself.




Sanskriti School

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Marg


New Delhi

Delhi - 110021


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Teacher Incharge
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